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        FieldBuddy launches smartphone app

        FieldBuddy is launching a smartphone app today with completely new technology under the hood, which enables the Amsterdam software company to introduce functionalities even quicker. Open source technology is used by popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Skype and Airbnb and was developed by Facebook. FieldBuddy Swift supports companies’ entire service process. Thanks to the app, service providers can optimise their working processes and organise them more effectively. In recent years, the Amsterdam software company has incorporated its experience and accumulated knowledge into a smartphone app for iOS and Android.

        Users often already have a smartphone and, thanks to the introduction of Fieldbuddy Swift, no longer need to have a laptop or tablet if they want to digitise working processes. Thanks to the software solution, inside staff have real time insight into planning, so work orders can be closely managed. It works in a very simple way: field staff receive work orders on their smartphones via the app. They can view the required information such as issue, service history, contract and installation manuals. Work orders are processed and invoiced automatically after the work has been completed. The app also monitors material usage and working hours. FieldBuddy Swift thus saves a great deal of time and money.

        Service providers’ most complex work flows become much simpler with the new app. The process from the point mechanics receive work orders until the point the work orders reach the back-end is clear and quick. In addition, there is quick access to phone functions such as maps, calender, contacts list and email.

        App design becoming increasingly important

        Grzegorz Joszcz, Software Engineer for FieldBuddy, explains: “The programming language behind Swift, React-Native, enabled us to build a multi-platform app with the aid of JavaScript. It is a completely new app and you can tell. In addition to new technology, design is also becoming increasingly important and, in collaboration with Bizboard, we have given our application a new user experience. We can now update the app remotely from the cloud. We will therefore be able to introduce new functionalities more quickly without interrupting users with an update”.  Greg is the founding father of FieldBuddy Swift and bears ultimate responsibility for building the app. “It is exciting to develop a product from scratch. As the Lead Developer, I am responsible for the design, source code and development process ”.

        Greg FieldBuddy Swift Software Engineer

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