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        Parts management: indispensable in good field service software

        voorraadbeheer onderdelenbeheer FieldBuddy

        Your organisation is one big source of data. If you can collect this data (actually information about the various processes in your organisation) in an efficient manner, it will provide you with insight to make better decisions and implement operational improvements. The collection of this data is done in a field service software solution. Data on Parts management can be very valuable. Think of all the information and therefore knowledge about your stock so that overstock can be avoided and the productivity of manpower can be increased.
        In this blog you will read how the system for inventory of new or used parts exactly works and what it can do for you.

        How does parts management work?

        The mechanic registers the parts and materials he has used during maintenance on installations, such as screws, filters, panels and any other material the mechanic uses. The barcode scanner in the app converts the parts into data, which is then automatically forwarded to the ERP system (you can read how the link works via theme integrations). Used parts are immediately removed from the stock and mechanics can never miss out! Moreover, the used parts are directly included in the maintenance invoice to the customer. Parts management gets easy with FieldBuddy.

        In the video you can see how to add a part in FieldBuddy Swift.

        Current stock information

        Current stock information from the ERP or accounting system is immediately visible. This means that you always have an up-to-date overview. At a glance, you have insight into the consumption and the available products and parts at a location. That makes it possible for you to know immediately whether parts have run out and must be reordered.

        Stock management

        Complete stock management with several stock locations contains a lot of data and therefore information. The stock locations provide insight into where the material is located: should you look for the part in the van, the depot or in the warehouse? This stock module is only possible if you integrate with an ERP system such as Exact Online.

        Returns and repair management

        Returns and repairs can be logistically challenging processes. Your customers and suppliers are usually also involved. These actions are accurately recorded and tracked in a field service software solution so you can keep an overview.

        More information

        Are you curious how the logistical challenges in your organisation can easily be solved with field service software? Please contact us and we will gladly tell you more about it! Call us at +31(0)20-2611100, send an email to [email protected] or fill in the contact form on our website. Request a demo to get acquainted with all the features of our solution.

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