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        5 essential questions for service managers

        vijf vragen servicemanagers

        More and more service managers make use of field service software to get more value out of their current resources and to spare costs. The following five questions illustrate the challenges that they have to deal with and the way field service software anticipates to these challenges.

        1. Where are my field service technicians?

        To use the current resources as efficiently as possible, one must know where the field service technicians are and who is available when. By using field service software solutions service managers know where their technicians are at all times. This way, the back office can easily add a rush job to the schedule of the closest technician without him having to drive an extra mile.

        2. How much time do my technicians need to complete a job?

        If you want to work efficiently, you must also know how much time your technicians need to complete the different service requests. Therefore, the technicians must log their times in the field service software by simply pressing the start- or stop button. Even their brakes are logged this way. This registration and the reports that go with it make sure that you as a service manager have a transparent view of the hours that are being spent. In addition, the technician can now give the customer a well-considered estimation of the duration of his visit.

        3. How do I get enough staff?

        Nowadays, service organisations tend to choose for a pool of their own technicians, subcontractors and freelancers. Thanks to this big group of well trained workers it is possible to
        respond to the growing demands and wishes of the market. The freelancers and subcontractors use an intelligent planning system to subscribe to service requests that would have not been completed otherwise. This way you stay flexible, you make sure that all the service requests are quickly taken care of without spending too much.

        4.How can I help my technicians to follow up on more requests in the same timespan?

        With a bit of help from the intelligent planning software the back office ensures that the right technician, with the right knowledge and experience, is send to the right job. Thanks to the real-time updates on the stock, the technician always has the right equipment at hand and does not have to drive extra miles to a pick up point.

        5. How can I help my technicians to follow up on more requests in the same timespan?

        A good experience demands realistic waiting hours and transparent communication. Your customers want to be kept into the loop about the status of the job. Thanks to the workflow features of field service management software you can now send them an automated message regarding the arrival time of the technician. Some companies even take it to the next level by provide their customers with a self-service portal, where they can make appointments, track the time of arrival and share their experiences. In short: the possibilities for a positive customer experience are endless.

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