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        Work Order Management
        in one central location

        Have you also lost track of your work in progress? A mailbox that is overflowing? Use Work Order Management to tackle that and get a grip on your work order management.

        Get a grip on your field service

        Puzzling with mismatched work orders is a thing of the past. Process your work orders on time and correct. Automate and streamline your work order management with FieldBuddy!

        Work order management

        Flexible and powerful

        Record your digital work orders however you want. Customize FieldBuddy to your needs and automate your work.

        See what FieldBuddy has to offer

        FieldBuddy has two types of work orders:
        Orders associated with a single plant Orders associated with multiple installations.

        The first type is useful for an incident:
        an installation is broken and needs to be repaired. A work order with multiple installations is useful, for example, for maintenance where several or hundreds of Installations are checked. Combined with our smart checklists, the technician can work quickly and efficiently.
        With advanced checklists, you replace current (Excel) forms. The operations department gets insight into all entered data and automatically creates a file or report for the customer. The field service employee can check off his completed tasks in the FieldBuddy Swift app and add comments and pictures per question from the checklist. The checklists have different answer options, such as text fields, numbers and multiple choice lists. This way you avoid unnecessary communication and always know what needs to be done.
        Create overview in work order management through reports and dashboard. Get insight into the status of all your open work, categorized by work order type or mechanic, for example. Or create your own report and build your own Dashboards. Create insight into work order management by easily viewing the entire work order administration. Thus, old information from a work order can be quickly retrieved. With work order management, folders full of work orders and all loose tools give way to just one software package. Lack of overview in your work orders a thing of the past.

        All work order management features at a glance

        Never again puzzle with incorrect work orders. Work quickly, efficiently, and without errors with the work order management tool from FieldBuddy.

        Work Order

        The description of the work, the parts to be consumed or the checklists to be performed.


        A work order can have one or more appointments to complete the tasks.

        Service Request

        The service request forms the umbrella under which one or more work orders can fall. Customer not at home? Automatically a new work order linked to the same service request.

        Maintenance Planning

        In the maintenance planning module, you can have work orders automatically created for recurring maintenance obligations. These are immediately visible in the planning list so the system knows when the maintenance visit is due again.

        Custom Fields

        Create custom fields on the work order to store all the desired information.

        Work Order Status

        Follow the live status of the Work Order. Custom statuses are also possible.


        Create checklists for the field service to fill out.

        Time Tracking

        Insight into the working time and travel time.

        Work Order Overview

        Send the customer a Work Order overview by email in PDF form. Complete in your own house style with all the information about the work carried out.

        Validation Rules

        Configurable rules that the Work Order needs to comply with. Required serial number? photos? No problem.

        Work Order Rules

        Record in advance the work order the checklists, activities, or parts to be used.


        Share files with the field service and receive taken photos or filled-out documents.

        Work Order with Multiple Installations

        Create a work order to which multiple installations are linked.

        Weekly and Hour Statements

        View weekly and hour statements of the field service’s worked time.

        Work Order with a Single Installation

        Create a work order with just one installation.

        Quick Create work Order

        Create a work order in less than one minute.

        Paul Busser
        Customer Service Manager DRU

        Customers can be helped even faster than before with the help of FieldBuddy

        Paul Busser
        Customer Service Manager DRU

        See other field service management features

        Real time insights and user-friendly planning software.

        Create work orders in minutes and use drag-and-drop to easily schedule.

        Back office

        Asset management

        Manage all assets information in one place


        Managing incoming issues and tickets


        Convert work orders automatically into invoices

        Inventory management

        Organize parts, returns and inventory with ease


        Service Planning

        Streamline all your planning process

        Work order management

        Create work order in just a few clicks


        Mobile app

        The user-friendly app for your field service employees



        Automate your processes with flow builders


        Integrate with all your favorite back office systems

        Customer portal

        Let your customers schedule appointments online


        Get insights into your service process

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