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        Field Service Management for the Energy Industry

        Maximize your business potential with our highly adaptable SaaS solution. Achieve scalability and process optimization effortlessly.

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        How can FieldBuddy help your energy business?

        The challenge

        Maintaining a steady company growth

        Our solution

        One platform that changes and grows with you

        FieldBuddy offers unlimited configurability by always adapting to your evolving processes.

        Leveraging the power of Salesforce, it allows for hassle-free adjustments as your needs change. Whether you choose to integrate with Salesforce Sales Cloud or any other CRM solution, FieldBuddy remains self-sufficient, catering to your requirements even if you’re not a Salesforce customer.

        Salesforce integration
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        The challenge

        The escalating costs of managing a back office

        Our solution

        A suite of automation tools to reduce costs

        Automation is the core of FieldBuddy! Use the Customer Portal to allow your customers to plan their appointments, the Automated Email Module to respond to them and the Smart Planning System to automatically plan and schedule services. With the Flow Builders, the options of automation are virtually endless.

        The challenge

        The industry is maturing and consolidating

        Our solution

        Stay ahead in the game with smooth and efficient operational processes

        Enhance service excellence by efficiently planning field service employees and equipping them with personalised checklists to deliver prompt service. Keep your service level and costs in check by using our analytics module. Offer your customers a seamless, multi-channel experience through our robust communication tools. Stand out in the competitive arena and establish your business as a cost-efficient, customer-focused industry leader.

        Flow builder

        And there's a lot more we can do!

        FieldBuddy can also help your energy company to:

        Manage assets such as solar panels, inverters, charging stations etc.

        Make sure that your electrician is planned accordingly

        Make photos of deliveries with ease using the app

        Adjust and personalise checklists in the app

        Work with contractors and subcontractors

        Track and manage your inventory

        Plan a personalised demo – uncover the full spectrum of our solutions with an expert

        Frequently asked questions about FieldBuddy

        Yes, FieldBuddy is adaptable to the scale of your energy business, providing solutions tailored for both small and large enterprises. 

        Whether you want 10 licenses or 1000, FieldBuddy will cater to your needs. 

        Certainly! FieldBuddy's Asset Management feature provides a comprehensive solution for tracking the complete history of equipment servicing and performance.

        You can see the locations of the assets, their characteristics, and whether any previous work has been performed on them

        Getting started with FieldBuddy for your energy business is seamless and tailored to your specific needs. Reach out to our dedicated team, and we'll guide you through the onboarding process, starting with a demo! Our experts will assist you in customizing FieldBuddy to align with your requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation.

        FieldBuddy ensures compliance with industry regulations, streamlining your processes while maintaining the highest standards. Experience the flexibility of FieldBuddy to meet the distinctive demands of the energy sector.

        If your energy monitoring system offers API options and integration options, then FieldBuddy can be seamlessly integrated. FieldBuddy uses the REST API of salesforce to facilitate almost any integration under the sun. 

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