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        Service planning

        Streamline all your planning processes.

        Planning with Excel spreadsheets, calendars like Outlook or Google Calendar is really a thing of the past. Get real-time insight into your field service planning, keep an overview and increase customer satisfaction with FieldBuddy’s digital planning tool.

        It contains all the information necessary for optimal field service planning. At a glance, it is clear what the status of a Work Order and of the mechanic is. Get a grip on your planning!

        Real-time overview in your service planning

        With the live overview provided by FieldBuddy, you always have a clear picture of where each technician is located, whether they are on the move, and if there are any changes to an existing work order. 

        Work orders can be quickly and easily assigned to the available technicians at the right time using the drag-and-drop feature. This way, you maintain control and oversight.

        Route optimization​

        The route optimization tool aids in utilizing your field service to its utmost potential. It ensures that your technicians follow the best route, minimizing time and fuel consumption. This results in efficient and streamlined scheduling. 

        See what FieldBuddy has to offer

        With FieldBuddy, you can ensure optimal scheduling. Work orders can be automatically scheduled among a group of field service workers. Scheduling can be based on skills, availability, routes, and more. This leads to efficient scheduling and saves time for field services. Once an appointment is scheduled, a confirmation can be sent to the customer automatically or manually, either through SMS or email.
        One of the many advantages of FieldBuddy is the broad option for customization. For example, decide the information you want to display for an appointment, and also tailor the Dispatch Panel (FieldBuddy’s planning panel) as desired. You can choose what is displayed where and when in the planning panel based on colors and icons, for example. The icons and texts that accompany appointments can be easily changed. You can also select your own filters and columns in FieldBuddy’s planning bin. All of this is to provide the planner with an overview and insight in the way they prefer!

        All service planning features at a glance


        Use the drag-and-drop interface to quickly and easily schedule work orders.

        Customizable appointment blocks

        Adjust the content of the displayed agreements, add extra fields or icons as necessary.

        Customizable planning listsn

        Maintain an overview of planned work orders by selecting columns and setting filters.

        Custom Themes

        Configure your own themes that determine the color representation and style of appointments.

        Groupings of technicians

        Group technicians into certain groups with the same skills, types, work area, etc. By doing this you can easily filter the right technician for the job during planning.


        Assign skills to your technicians and work orders (automatically) require skills. This way, you schedule the right technician for the work order.

        Customer notifications

        Keep the client informed of changes in the schedule and the status of the service request by sending an automatically generated SMS or email.

        Start workflows

        Starting from a work order, initiate a sequence of automatic actions, such as updating data or notifying mechanics or clients. Read more under the theme of process automation.


        Search all data available in FieldBuddy.

        Working hours

        Indicate per resource what the working hours are.


        View the planning per day or for 1, 2, 4, or 8 weeks.


        Scheduled, unscheduled work orders, routes, and resources on a map.


        Themes determine the color representation/style of the appointments. Switch quickly and easily between the different themes.


        Set appointments by time or resource; specify in which time period the appointment should take place.


        Easily indicate when a resource is absent, for example, a dentist appointment, leave, etc.

        Appointment confirmation

        With one click, send a confirmation of the appointment to a client by SMS or email.

        Multiple work orders per service request

        Sometimes the technician needs to look back to complete the task. It often happens that a service request consists of several subtasks. That’s why it’s handy that with FieldBuddy you can place multiple work orders under the same service request.

        Customizable layouts

        Decide for yourself what, when, and how something is highlighted in the planning panel. For example, think of showing data in combination with color settings, based on the status, or specific peculiarities.

        Planning validation rules

        Validation rules help the planner by automatically validating whether the work order is just being scheduled. So make sure the right technician, with the right skills, (and time!) is at the right location to start the work shift.

        Route optimization

        The route optimization tool helps you to plan as optimally as possible so that the technician drives the most optimal route and consumes as little time and fuel as possible.

        Customizable screens

        Customize different screens with fields you have chosen yourself.

        Appointment module

        Quickly make appointments based on availability and route

        Invitation module

        Send customers invitations by email and/or SMS containing one or more options from which a customer can choose.

        Planning optimization

        Optimize the planning of multiple technicians over several days based on various parameters, including route/skills and constraints.

        Subcontractors or freelancers who do their own scheduling

        Laat uw onderaannemers of freelancers hun eigen werkorders inplannen.

        Martijn van Asperen
        Projectmanager Installation & Service at United Care

        Planning a work order within 10 seconds saves us a lot of time

        Martijn van Asperen
        Project manager Installation & Service at United Care

        See other field service management features

        Real time insights and user-friendly planning software.

        Create work orders in minutes and use drag-and-drop to easily schedule.

        Back office

        Asset management

        Manage all assets information in one place


        Managing incoming issues and tickets


        Convert work orders automatically into invoices

        Inventory management

        Organize parts, returns and inventory with ease


        Service Planning

        Streamline all your planning process

        Work order management

        Create work order in just a few clicks


        Mobile app

        The user-friendly app for your field service employees



        Automate your processes with flow builders


        Integrate with all your favorite back office systems

        Customer portal

        Let your customers schedule appointments online


        Get insights into your service process

        Want to know more about service planning?

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