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        Field Service Management for the Medical Industry

        Enhance company efficiency and reduce costs with strategic staff management and a comprehensive overview of equipment – all in one place!

        Field service management for medical industry

        How can FieldBuddy help your medical/health business?

        The challenge

        Ensuring uninterrupted equipment functionality

        Our solution

        Asset management in combination with preventive maintenance

        FieldBuddy’s preventive maintenance ensures equipment is never overlooked. It auto-generates work orders from service contracts, reducing back-office workload. 

        Generate insightful reports for identifying incident-prone devices and their potential replacements. It is a priority and we understand that. 

        preventive maintenance visual
        GPS pinpoints
        The challenge

        Searching for equipment can be time consuming

        Our solution

        Sub locations on work orders

        FieldBuddy’s platform enables the creation of sub-locations, specifying room or building details. With GPS pinpoints you can significantly reduce search time and utilise the QR-code scanner for easy equipment addition to work orders and logs.

        The challenge

        Managing efficiency with staff shortages is a hassle

        Use AI based route optimization to reduce time

        Our solution

        FieldBuddy’s AI route optimization minimises travel time for technicians. It groups nearby visits, factors in traffic, and accounts for specific needs like certifications. Easily manage and adjust plans for efficient scheduling, reducing time spent on the road.

        AI based route optimization
        reporting visual for compliance
        The challenge

        Maintaining transparency at all stages

        Our solution

        With FieldBuddy’s software you can stay compliant with all regulations

        FieldBuddy’s software ensures compliance with regulations by providing transparent reporting. Technicians use advanced checklists, and reports can be sent to customers in their preferred format and style, eliminating manual report compilation.

        And there's a lot more we can do!​

        FieldBuddy can also help your medical company to:

        Easily view reports and dashboards of your operational processes

        Store and view inspection reports and maintenance reports in one place

        Customise checklists for technicians, allowing photo attachments

        Manage multiple work orders and sub-locations per asset

        Maintain extensive asset databases

        Provide a customer portal for your clients

        Plan a personalised demo – uncover the full spectrum of our solutions with an expert

        Digitalisation in the medical industry

        United Care has grown very fast in recent years. It is because of digitization and the added value of FieldBuddy, we can handle it.
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        Frequently asked questions about Field Service Management

        FieldBuddy ensures meticulous tracking of the maintenance history and calibration of medical devices. With its embedded asset management features, you can instantly update and access detailed service records, including calibration data.

        FieldBuddy is customised to your business to ensure strict compliance with healthcare regulations and standards.

        FieldBuddy supports medical technicians through its Swift App, enabling real-time communication with the back office. This ensures instant updates, collaborative problem-solving, and efficient coordination, enhancing overall field service effectiveness.

        Absolutely. FieldBuddy's automated reporting functionalities make generating reports for healthcare compliance and audits a breeze. 

        Certainly. FieldBuddy offers seamless integration with healthcare information systems (HIS) and electronic health records (EHR), creating a unified ecosystem. 

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