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        Field Service Management for the HVAC Industry

        Simplify workflows and stay agile in the face of constant industry changes with an advanced SaaS solution that adapts to your business needs.

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        How can FieldBuddy help your HVAC business?

        The challenge

        Enhancing operational efficiency

        Our solution

        Strike the perfect balance between the back office and technicians

        Managing a back office can be a costly endeavor. Our solution is to empower your back office team with the necessary tools to operate at peak efficiency. We provide your technicians with a versatile all-in-one app that equips them with the essential information required to excel in their roles and serves as the central hub for seamless communication. 


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        The challenge

        Prioritising customer satisfaction in a competitive landscape

        Our solution

        Streamline your communication with the client

        Keep your costs in check by automating processes using our analytics module, and efficiently plan field service employees to deliver prompt service. Offer your customers a seamless, multi-channel experience through our robust communication tools. Stand out in the competitive arena and establish your business as a cost-efficient, customer-focused industry leader.

        The challenge

        Establishing transparency in service processes

        Our solution

        Gain Insights into your service history to make informed decisions

        FieldBuddy offers an analytics tool that grants you complete visibility into your service process, your technician activities, inventory management, and more. Equip your technicians with predefined and customizable checklists. Quantify your processes and drive optimization for better outcomes.

        And there's a lot more we can do!

        FieldBuddy can also help your HVAC company to:

        Manage assets such as heating solutions, air conditioners, ventilations systems etc.

        Make sure that your electrician is planned accordingly

        Make photos of deliveries with ease using the app

        Adjust and personalise checklists in the app

        Work with contractors and subcontractors

        Track and manage your inventory

        Plan a personalised demo – uncover the full spectrum of our solutions with an expert

        Digitalisation in the HVAC industry

        “FieldBuddy is the backbone of our operation. Seamless integration with Salesforce and advance, easy-to-use app for field technicians. We have been a satisfied customer for years now.”

        Sjors Stoffelsen
        Director of Warmgarant
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        Frequently asked questions about FieldBuddy

        With advanced scheduling features, you can optimize routes, assign tasks seamlessly, and ensure that your field service team is dispatched with maximum efficiency. The real-time visibility allows you to track the status of jobs, allocate resources effectively, and enhance overall service delivery.

        Yes, FieldBuddy excels in managing HVAC equipment warranties and service histories through its dedicated Asset Management features.

        Register all your assets in FieldBuddy and add all related data, history, and product types to them. 


        Fieldbuddy can integrate with any software. Anything is possible.

        The platform provides built-in features to manage compliance-related data. In fact, your work order validation rules verify that the data a technician enters into a work order meets your standards and prevents errors. With reporting functionalities, you can generate compliance reports effortlessly, helping you stay aligned with industry standards and regulations.

        Yes, FieldBuddy can be configured to include a form for registering 'F-gassen.' The platform is highly customizable, allowing you to create forms tailored to specific requirements, including those related to 'F-gassen' registration.

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