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Real-time Planning


Use the drag-and-drop interface to plan work orders easily.

Adjustable listviews

Keep track of work orders with selectable columns and filters.


Technician schedules aren't always down to the minute, divide the days into configurable timeslots for faster and easier planning.

Multiple work orders per service request

Sometimes a technician has to return to the client site to complete the service request. Or a service request is made up of multiple subtasks to be executed on different dates or by different technicians.

Resource grouping

Assign your technicians to a specific region, or add skills to their personal profile, to make filtering possible. By doing so, you make sure that you can easily assign the right technician to the right job.

Customer notifications

Keep the customer updated on the planning and the status of their request, by sending an automatically generated update via email or SMS.

Customisable layouts

Customise the content and look and feel of the Dispatch Panel view, you can configure the information that the system shows for every assignment as well as the way it looks with colors and icons.

Planning validation rules

With automatic validation, the system ensures that each and every work order is planned at the right time and assigned to the right resource.

Start workflows

Start workflows directly from the Dispatch Panel that will help you to automate steps in your planning process like updating the customer or ordering parts. Also, refer to the Process Automation section.

Planning checklist

With planning checklists you make sure that you have taken all necessary steps before you make your planning final and execute the work.

Capacity planning

Keep a clear overview of the amount of work to be scheduled and the available resource capacity.

Route optimization

Create optimized and cost-effective routes and save valuable time and fuel costs.

Mobile App

iOS, Windows, Android

FieldBuddy supports all major operating systems.

Tablet, smartphone, laptop

Complete freedom through a wide choice of supported devices.

Offline mode

No connection? No problem! Our mobile app is fully functional offline.

Activities, parts and other expenses

Add these items to the work order from predefined lists, synced with your accounting or other external systems when needed. Also, refer to the Integrations section.

Timesheets and mileage

Easily track time and mileage in the app.

Barcode scanner

Save time and scan parts or installations with barcodes and QR.

Forms and checklists

Create your own forms and checklists and link these to specific activities or parts.

Digital signature

Customers digitally sign work orders in the app for approval.

Documents and pictures

Attach documents and pictures to the work order, either by the back-office of by the technician in the mobile app.


Start your favorite navigation app from FieldBuddy without having to enter addresses manually.

Installation history

Always keep an overview of the complete service history of an installation.

Custom page layouts

Customise the page layouts so they show the information that is relevant to your business.

Smart forms

Create smarter forms that will simplify the technician's work. Fields and sections within these forms can dynamically change based upon the technician's input.

New work orders in app

Technicians can create their own work orders in the app without being dependent on the back-office.


Know where your technicians are located and also trigger automated actions like sending your customers a notification when the technician is on its way.

Work order validation rules

Validation rules verify that the data a technician enters into a work order meet your standards and prevent errors.

Multiple work order layouts

The work order layout can be adjusted, based on certain criteria such as the type of work, the installation type or the business unit.

Custom buttons, links, actions

With custom buttons and links, the technician can trigger automated actions, such as changing the owner of the work order or send a message to the customer.

Predefined work order templates

With predefined templates, the system will automatically add necessary parts and activities to the work order, based on the type of installation or type of service.

Formula plugin

Need more complex calculations than primary school algebra? We've got you covered! Our 'Excel-like' formula plugin gives you the calculation power you need.

Process Automation

Process Builder

Process Builder is a point-and-click tool that lets you easily automate your 'if this, then do that' processes and see a graphical representation of your process as you build.

Flow Designer

Flow Designer is a point-and-click tool that lets you automate business processes by building flows. A flow can be a wizard to display information to and request information from a user and then to perform an action on the information entered.

Approval processes

An approval process automates how you approve records in FieldBuddy, e.g., timesheet approval by a manager.

Validation rules

Validation rules verify that the data a user enters in a record meets the standards you specify before the user can save the record. When the data does not pass the validation rules, the user receives an error.

Automate with code

There are many actions that you can take using point-and-click, however, sometimes you want just a bit more control over the features. That's when we leverage the power of code.

Contracts and Installations

Installation management

Keep track of all your serviced installations and register all associated data such as installation type, installation date, last service date, serial number, etc.

Location management

Manage your customer sites and register the installations for every site.

Technical documentation

Attach and store documents relevant to the installations that you service, e.g., installation manuals, images and user guides.

Contract management

Track the agreements with your customers for the types of services you provide such as warranties, subscriptions, and service level agreements, and the installations that are covered by the agreement.

Installation hierarchy

Create parent-child relationships to represent installations with multiple components.

Preventive maintenance

Configure service plans for your customers that will automatically generate recurring work orders to ensure that you will maintain the installations before issues occur.


Register and monitor the level of support you promised to your customers such as response and arrival times.

Warranties and entitlements

Register all the warranty and entitlement details, such as the duration of the warranty and which parts the warranty covers.

Parts Management

Track parts

Track required and used parts during the scheduling and execution of work orders. FieldBuddy can sent the usage to your accounting or ERP system for invoicing and replenishment. Also, refer to the Integration section.

Current inventory levels

Current inventory levels can be retrieved from your ERP or accounting system and made available for your planners and technicians within FieldBuddy.

Inventory management

Keeping track of inventory levels for multiple locations and transfers between those locations. You always know exactly where each item or material is located: in the van, depot or warehouse.

Returns and repairs management

Returns and repairs management can be complicated. FieldBuddy helps you to effectively manage your return material authorization (RMA) and return to vendor (RTV) processes.


Accounting system integration

FieldBuddy send all information to your accounting system so you can immediately create and send your customer invoices.

Automated invoice dispatching

After completion of the work order, you can also sent a PDF invoice directly from FieldBuddy.

Custom invoice template

Customise the invoice layout to suit your brand and to make sure all pertinent information about the transaction is included.

Recurring invoices

Automatically generate and send recurring invoices for your subscriptions and service agreement.

Collective invoices

Make your invoicing more efficient and customer friendly by combining the results of individual invoices together in a collective invoicing.

Monitoring and Analysis

Standard reports and dashboards

FieldBuddy includes standard reports and dashboards to give you the information and insight to manage and optimize your service processes.

Report Builder

Use the drag-and-drop Report Builder to easily create your own reports using all available data in FieldBuddy.

Dashboard Builder

Use Dashboard Builder to visually display the key metrics and trends of your service organization. Fot each dashboard component there is a single underlying report.

Export to Excel

You can export all reports to Excel for further analysis or to share them with others.

Schedule and send

Get the latest report data in your inbox without having to run the report manually. Get the data automatically at regular intervals you specify, through scheduling on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Report notifications

Subscribe to a report, specify conditions, and receive personal notifications when the the report data meets those conditions.

Smartphone and tablet

View the reports and dashboards on your smartphone or tablet. As a manager, you can now monitor your service business everywhere, and on every device.

Reporting snapshots

Reporting snapshots (a snapshot of a dataset at a certain time) allows you to easily report on historical data.

Customer Portal

Customer support

Customers can request services and ask questions 24/7 in your FieldBuddy customer portal.

Knowledge base

Help your employees and customers find answers fast with an online, searchable knowledge base.

Retrieve invoices

Make your customer invoices available in the customer portal.

Overview of installation history

Your customers always have a clear overview of the service history of their installations.


FieldBuddy Connect

FieldBuddy easily integrates with your accounting and other external systems wit out-of-the-box connectors.

Open API

We can integrate with virtually every system with our Open API. Contact us to learn more.

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