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Real-time planning


Use the drag-and-drop interface to easily plan work orders.


You determine what is showed when.

Filtered and dynamic list view

Keep a clear overview with the different filtered and list views.

Mobile app

Multi platform and offline

The app is suitable for iOS, Android and Windows and has a offline mode.


Use geolocation to track the whereabouts of your field service technicians.

Adjustable screens

Easily adjust the screens to your liking.

Validation rules

With validation rules you make sure the data entry is always reliable.

Digital signature

The customer signs the work order digitally and immediately receives an invoice (PDF).

Barcode scanner

The barcode scanner is used to register or order a replacement part.

Time log

By pressing the time log button the service technician easily registers his working hours.


Add useful documents to the work order, such as manuals, photo's or technical data sheets.

Integration of navigation systems

Thanks to this integration the field service technician easily navigates to every location.

Complex calculations

Add complex calculations to your work order to automate the measurements.


Visual workflow designer

Design smart workflows with the visual workflow designer.

Automation rules and approval flows

After completing the invoice it is automatically send to the back office for approval.


Guide the end user through the processes by using wizards.

Automate outbound communication

Automate outbound communication like e-mails and text messages.

Automate data updates

This feature ensures that your data is always up-to-date.

Contract and asset management

Document assets

Create a complete overview of asset (installation).

Installation history

See what problems other technicians solved in the past.


Add technical manuals to the work order.


Add the service contracts to the work order.

Planning of recurring services

Thanks to the planner you will never forget an appointment.


Add the service level agreements to the work order.


Creating invoices

Easily create invoices in just a few clicks.

Digital invoice (PDF)

The customer automatically receives a PDF version of the invoice.

Connecting to back office systems

The invoices are automatically documented, thanks to the connection to your back office systems.

Adjustable invoice layout

The layout of the invoice can be adjusted to your wishes.

Monitoring and analysis


Create clear management reports.


Create your own dashboards with the dashboard builder.

Subscribe to dashboards

Subscribe yourself to dashboards of others.

Export to Excel

Export the reports to Excel.

Display mode

Choose your own display mode: tabel view and/or visual view.

Customer portal

Knowledge base

Add useful documents, such as user manuals.

Customer support

Let customers ask questions or submit cases 24/7 via the customer portal.

Overview of customer data

The customer can view his personal customer data.

Work orders

Customers can create and plan work orders.

Overview of invoices

The customer has insight in his invoices.

Overview of asset history

The customer can view the maintenance history of the asset.


FieldBuddy Connect

FieldBuddy easily integrates with other systems through its out-of-the-box standard interfaces as part of FieldBuddy Connect.

Open API

Is your system not yet featured in the list below?
We can integrate with practically every system with our Open API. Contact us to learn more about our Open API.

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