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        Integrate Exact Online with FieldBuddy

        Fast and accurate invoicing according to your business requirements

        Create a 360 degree customer view with all data

        Enrich FieldBuddy with Modules from Exact Online

        Minimise administrative tasks such as data entry

        Integration Exact Online




        Work addresses

        Work order items


        Work orders + Parts used and time recorded

        Invoices + Invoice rules

        Work orders

        Orders, projects, quotations

        Contact person


        Werkbonnen + Werkbonregels

        Facturen + Faturregels

        The integration is built in such a way that every field and object in Exact can be connected to a field in FieldBuddy, and visa versa.

        Integrate FieldBuddy with you Exact Online modules

        Endless integration opportunities

        With FieldBuddy’s Exact Online integration, anything is possible. The integration is so flexible that any object or field can be linked in both systems. Even custom fields. FieldBuddy offers a complete REST API, every object and (custom) field can be accessed. Match your customer data, automatically keep track of inventory, create an invoice or update an existing sales order in Exact. Everything is possible with the integration.

        From work order to invoice

        Using Salesforce’s built-in tools, you can set up smart business logic and automated rules that streamline invoicing.

        For example, you can automatically add used parts, travel time, and work order data to your invoice for the accuracy of your invoices. 

        With FieldBuddy’s business logic tool, you can include automated rules into your invoicing process like automatic discounts or logic that suit your requirements or service agreements.

        Establish Data Harmony and Eliminate Manual Input

        Bid farewell to manual data entry and create a closed system with unlimited possibilities. 

        Nooit meer discrepanties

        Zorg dat je klantgegevens in beide systemen altijd op elkaar zijn afgestemd.

        Werkbon omzetten in factuur

        Zet een werkbon automatisch om in een factuur op basis van je prijs en contract.

        Verkooporders omzetten in werkbonnen

        Importeer projecten, verkooporders of offertes rechtstreeks vanuit Exact in FieldBuddy om automatisch werkbonnen aan te maken.