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        Marking a decade in the industry

        The utimate field service platform to scale your business.

        Who are we

        FieldBuddy, established in 2013, is a pioneering force in the realm of Field Service Management. 

        We are a dedicated team of professionals on a mission to drive innovation and deliver excellence in every aspect of field service management.

        With a passion for optimizing operations and enhancing customer experience, we are committed to revolutionizing the way businesses deliver field services. 

        Our Story

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        FieldBuddy was founded

        FieldBuddy is rooted on the Salesforce software, and our core mission is to empower small businesses with improved work order software. While our platform is built on Salesforce, a Salesforce license is not a requirement for you to benefit from our services.

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        FlexConnect was launched

        With FieldBuddy’s self built integration tool called FlexConnect, FieldBuddy can be integrated to any software on every level.

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        FieldBuddy 2.0 launched

        With the launch of our revamped dispatch panel in October 2022, FieldBuddy seamlessly integrates all the functionalities developed over the past years into a unified and user-friendly interface.

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        A full scale field service solution

        Today, FieldBuddy proudly serves thousands of customers worldwide! We've achieved partnerships with industry giants like Exact, AFAS, and SAP and stand tall as the most flexible and comprehensive solution in the market.

        We keep improving

        Our dedicated team continuously brings out fresh enhancements and innovative functionalities on a daily basis.

        Hans Nieuwenhuis CEO

        "Our platform effortlessly evolves with your needs as your business grows. Whether it's expanding your field service team, updating your back-office software, or diversifying your product portfolio, FieldBuddy adapts dynamically. We take pride in delivering a flexible, feature-rich product that empowers businesses to excel in a dynamic operational landscape.”

        Meet our team

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        Product Manager
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        Marketing Manager
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        Software Engineer
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        Software Engineer
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        Account Executive
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        Account Executive
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        Business Support Manager
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        Business Support Manager
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        Product Tester
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        Customer Service Manager
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        Lai Fu



        Video Editor


        React Native Developer

        Company information

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        Reply to one of our jobs or send an open application to Carina Mulder.

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