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        Work more efficiently and faster

        Let your data flow between your different applications, create invoices directly from your work orders.

        Gain new insights

        Get a 360-degree view of your customers, gain more insights, merge data for analysis.

        End-to-end workflows

        Create a flawless system for your employees and improve the experience for your customers.

        Integrate FieldBuddy with all your software

        Integrate with your own system

        Integrate accounting systems like Exact Online, navigation systems, ERP, CRM, email systems, and much more with FieldBuddy. Automate the data exchange between FieldBuddy and your current systems. This eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and saves you a lot of time! 

        Are your back office systems changing? No problem. FieldBuddy connects with virtually all systems. And with that, FieldBuddy remains your stable factor. 

        Integrate FieldBuddy with everything

        FieldBuddy has 10+ years of experience in connecting software with our system. These integrations can include reading PDF files, automatically converting emails into service requests, and custom integrations with external websites or customer portals. 

        FieldBuddy can integrate with any software (with an API). We always find a solution! 

        The possibilities of FieldBuddy

        FieldBuddy Connect

        FieldBuddy integrates easily with other software thanks to its out-of-the-box standard interfaces. For example, Exact and AFAS.

        REST API

        FieldBuddy connects with almost everything via the extensive REST API.

        Salesforce Native
        There are 5000+ apps offered through the Salesforce Appexchange. All native, no integration needed.

        See what FieldBuddy has to offer

        FieldBuddy utilizes the Salesforce Appstore, which houses over 5000 applications and integrations.

        All are simple and available to connect with FieldBuddy. As a result, the possibilities with FieldBuddy are virtually limitless. There’s a wide range of app choices, ensuring that the right solution is available for every business need.

        Accustomed to a certain navigation software on the mobile phone?

        FieldBuddy connects with Navigon, Waze, TomTom, Apple Maps, and Google Maps. Your mechanics are always in the right place.

        Another advantage: it is clear in advance how far and long the service mechanics have to drive to the next job.

        Instead of us creating the integration, we can provide access to our system.

        We have comprehensive documentation available for our API. Our application is API-first developed, so all data can be made accessible without requiring our involvement.

        Additionally, we can offer custom web services that allow easy communication with our system.

        For more inquiries, please contact us.

        Connect FieldBuddy easily with your ERP or CRM solution, FieldBuddy connects with all ERP and CRM systems.

        Make your ERP or CRM system work flawlessly with FieldBuddy. Connect your systems and always have one ‘source of truth’.

        FieldBuddy connects virtually with all accounting systems. Through simple 'mapping', you create an easy and maintenance-free integration.

        Send the right information directly to your accounting system. Improve your invoicing, the accuracy of your data, and get a 360-degree view of your customers.

        Integrate FieldBuddy with software you are using now and will use in the future.

        FieldBuddy’s integration capabilities are virtually limitless. Utilize the integrations in combination with automation for a powerful duo.

        Exact Online

        Elevate your field service capabilities to a new level by integrating FieldBuddy with Exact Online, ensuring precision and real-time synchronization.

        Exact Globe

        Achieve comprehensive coordination of field service activities by linking Exact Globe to FieldBuddy, thereby improving your company's overall operational efficiency.


        Connect FieldBuddy seamlessly with Visma for streamlined and efficient management of field service activities.

        Microsoft Business Central

        Unleash the power of Microsoft Business Central by integrating it with FieldBuddy, where robust ERP features meet dynamic management of field service activities.

        Microsoft Dynamics

        Enhance your field service operations with the integration of FieldBuddy and Microsoft Dynamics, providing an integrated solution for seamless business processes.


        Optimize your field service management by seamlessly integrating FieldBuddy with AFAS, creating an integrated solution for smooth business processes.

        More integrations

        The following software is also easy to connect to FieldBuddy.


        Enhance your field service management with seamless integration between FieldBuddy and SAP, for a cohesive and efficient workflow.


        Strengthen your customer relationship management by integrating FieldBuddy with Salesforce, creating an integrated platform for excellence in field service management.


        Streamline your financial processes by linking FieldBuddy to Twinfield, for accurate and synchronized data to improve business operations.


        Improve communication and collaboration by integrating FieldBuddy with Gmail, bringing field service management and email seamlessly together.


        Achieve efficient planning and communication with the integration of FieldBuddy and Outlook, for a smooth workflow for field service teams.


        Optimize data analysis and reporting with the integration of FieldBuddy and Pentaho, empowering your business with insightful and actionable intelligence.


        Increase productivity and simplify data entry by seamlessly integrating FieldBuddy with Clickker, for accuracy and efficiency in field service activities.


        Unlock endless possibilities by connecting FieldBuddy to Zapier, enabling automated workflows and efficient data exchange with a wide range of apps.


        Seamlessly connect your applications and systems by integrating FieldBuddy with Mulesoft, for a flexible and scalable solution for field service management.

        Is your integration not listed here? No problem!

        FieldBuddy is a flexible platform where you can set up everything for your specific business. Whether you are in the solar, medical, manufacturing, HVAC, or another industry. FieldBuddy is the platform to make your field service work efficiently.

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