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        Field Service Management for the Manufacturing Industry

        Scale your business with a smart solution that puts your service process in the forefront, reduces operational costs, and enhances customer satisfaction.

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        How can FieldBuddy help your manufacturing business?​

        The challenge

        Ever-increasing production costs 

        Our solution

        One software that streamlines your production lines

        A single software solution designed to optimise your production lines. By efficiently managing the deployment of these lines, it minimises downtime, enhances productivity, and ultimately leads to significant operational cost reductions.

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        advanced checklists
        The challenge

        Sustaining a consistent delivery of high-quality products.

        Our solution

        Use advanced checklists to inspect your products

        Enjoy customised checklists that cater to your unique specifications, allowing your team to include visual documentation through photos, resulting in error reduction and ensuring the delivery of top-quality products.

        The challenge

        Ensuring high quality of services delivered

        Our solution

        Working with your partners in a single field service solution

        In an era where ‘set-and-forget’ practices are obsolete, maintaining service excellence and reliability is vital, particularly in the manufacturing sector. FieldBuddy empowers you to seamlessly engage and communicate with your service partners in a single, integrated field service solution.

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        And there's a lot more we can do!​

        FieldBuddy can also help your manufacturing company to:

        Manage all your assets such as machinery, mobility, doors etc.

        Work effortlessly with your partners, subcontractors, dealers and suppliers

        Get advanced checklists for inside the manufacturing plant

        Enjoy full insights in services from external parties

        Assist your technical employees from the office or any other location

        Add photos of performed jobs easily using the app

        Plan a personalised demo – uncover the full spectrum of our solutions with an expert

        Digitalisation in the manufacturing industry

        "Because of FieldBuddy, communication and scheduling with the mechanics now runs smoothly and is completely aligned!"

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        De Ridder
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        Frequently asked questions about FieldBuddy

        Ensure peak performance and longevity of machinery with FieldBuddy's robust asset management features. Track and manage machinery health effortlessly.

        Streamline inventory processes, manage spare parts, and automate reorders for optimal stock levels. FieldBuddy empowers you to maintain a seamless flow of maintenance supplies.

        Enhance communication between maintenance teams and the manufacturing floor with the Swift App. Enable real-time updates, collaboration, and responsiveness for a connected workflow.

        Designed with industry regulations in mind, FieldBuddy ensures compliance with manufacturing industry standards and reporting requirements.

        Our team of experts will help you through and through to integrate any facility into your FieldBuddy platform. 

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            Want to find out what FieldBuddy can do for you? Fill out the form below to get started.