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        60+ Servicemonteurs

        Actief in 12 landen

        30+ Dealers

        How DRU Fire successfully digitized it’s field service with FieldBuddy

        '' Our technicians save at least 5 hours a week on preparating and handling customer visits''

        Paul Busser, Customer Service Manager

        60+ Servicemonteurs

        Actief in 12 landen

        30+ Dealers


        1. OVER DRU

        1. INTRO

        Over DRU Fire

        2. AANLEIDING

        Digitaliseren complete buitendienst


        Flexibiliteit & gemak.

        4. RESULTATEN

        Efficienter & overzichtelijker werken.

        DRU is developing itself by using FieldBuddy

        About 1.5 years ago, one of the oldest companies in the Netherlands, DRU, contacted us because they wanted to start digitizing their service. DRU is an internationally operating manufacturer of fireplaces and heaters.

        We spoke to Paul Busser, Customer Service manager, about the implementation process. In this success story you can read about DRU’s search for a suitable field service solution, the choice for FieldBuddy and the final results.

        Since they started using FieldBuddy, DRU has noticed significant paper savings (due to the abolition of paper work orders) and that they can inform customers even faster than before. They can quickly spot exceptions by means of the data, which is clearly visible on the FieldBuddy dashboard.


        • FieldBuddy is designed for several countries
        • Jointly developed a new feature in FieldBuddy Dispatch Panel
        • A custom link with DRU’s own Dealer portal
        • Technicians save at least 5 hours per week

        The start of improving and digitizing the field service

        After years of working with paper work orders, the need to look at the various options for digitizing this process arose. Previously, complaints and visits were registered in DRU’s access database. Paul explains: “The technician went out with a stack of paper receipts in his pocket, and then returned them (filled in) at the end of the working day. You can imagine that this is not very efficient way of working, partly because of the high margin of error”. Not only were the paper work orders “inconvenient”, the planning from the office staff was also not efficient: “A large map hung on the wall in our office, where we had indicated the exact locations of the open work orders with magnets. All our appointments were noted on paper. They were also noted in the database, together with the planning,” said Paul.

        The beginning of the search

        DRU is constantly involved in developments. About a year and a half ago, they decided they wanted to improve their field service. A friend sent them a number of companies that could provide the field service solution they were looking for. Paul also searched on Google for companies himself, using terms such as “Field service development”. In both ways, he found three companies that could help them optimize their field service.

        "With FieldBuddy, we can help customers even faster than before"

        Paul Busser, Customer Service Manager DRU

        Dru chooses FieldBuddy

        “We chose FieldBuddy because they listen to our needs, but also because of the flexibility they offer. For example: I can change the entire Dashboard of the FieldBuddy Dispatch Panel (an application to assign employees to work orders) to my wishes,” says Paul. To cite another example of this flexibility, Paul mentions the jointly developed dynamic map: “Instead of the mentioned physical map with magnets that hung in our office, FieldBuddy co-developed a dynamic digital map”. FieldBuddy project leader Camille explains: “Based on the input and feedback from DRU, we have been able to develop new standard functionalities. These are now available for all our customers. We like to develop new features together with our customers, based on the wishes of the customer.”

        What have we been able to do for DRU?

        The implementation was ultimately carried out for several countries, because DRU is an internationally operating company. As a result, the rights model has been set up for three Ltd.’s. FieldBuddy consultant Raymond and project manager Camille explain the main points of the implementation:


        Internationally operating company

        DRU is an internationally operating company, consisting of several Ltd.’s. The rights model is designed in a way that several countries can operate independently of each other (with)in one environment. In addition, customers and dealers are written to in their own language and they can see the correct regional information.

        Integration of the DRU Dealer portal

        DRU has its own developed portal to which their dealers can log in. FieldBuddy has developed a custom link with this system to receive incoming service and warranty requests and to provide feedback on the status. The integration is smart enough to create its own customers, installations and locations based on parameters entered by the dealer.


        DRU works together with dealers, they visit consumers on behalf of their dealers (both B2B and B2C). In FieldBuddy, DRU can immediately see which purchased product has been purchased by which customer and from which dealer. A complete history is kept, which can be reported on.

        Service contract and warranty module: DRU Care

        In addition to service requests, DRU also receives warranty requests on their website. We store these requests as service contracts in FieldBuddy. From there, employees can process the warranty claim. When everything has been checked, a certificate / warranty confirmation document is automatically sent to the customer.

        Review incoming service requests

        The work orders and service requests can be created for end users, but also for dealers. This is useful if the dealer has certain show models that also need to be checked. DRU judges the service requests that arrive in FieldBuddy. When a service request comes in, they determine whether it should (automatically) be made into a work order or not. Special here is that if they reject the service request, the dealer will automatically receive an email with the reason for the rejection.

        FieldBuddy Dispatch Panel expanded with maps

        View all unplanned and scheduled assignments on a map in FieldBuddy’s planning tool: the FieldBuddy Dispatch Panel. As a planner you can quickly see if there are other appointments in the region.

        Paul: "Our service employees have been very enthusiastic about FieldBuddy from the start, they see many advantages."

        The collaboration according to DRU

        We asked Paul for his opinion about the implementation process: “First of all, we are very satisfied with how the process went,” Paul begins. “Camille is a good project manager and Raymond and Volodymyr also helped us very well”. Raymond gave Paul a tip to get started with Salesforce Trailhead: a program that explains the Salesforce environment (the platform on which FieldBuddy runs). “I noticed that you still need to know quite a bit about Salesforce to understand those videos. I found that a little less pleasant. Oh yes, and that Raymond is a Feyenoord fan… ” says Paul, laughing.

        Raymond is also content with the implementation process: “I really enjoyed the collaboration. It was clear from the start where DRU wanted to go with FieldBuddy. The project was well prepared together with DRU, which enabled us to get started right away”.

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        The result

        For now, DRU is very satisfied with what they can do with FieldBuddy. Their service employees are also becoming increasingly enthusiastic and see many advantages in the use of FieldBuddy. DRU has noticed significant paper savings (through the abolition of paper work orders) and they notice that they can inform customers even faster. They can quickly spot exceptions by means of the data, that is clearly visible on the FieldBuddy dashboard.

        DRU's view on the future

        The DRU office in Belgium is live with FieldBuddy since July 1st. In the future, they also want to go live with their office in England. In addition, DRU wants to improve their customer service. Paul adds: ‘’We want to do that, for example, by communicating an accurate arrival time of the technician to(wards) the customer, instead of giving a time frame of 4 hours for the technicians visit. In that way, the customer knows exactly when the technician will arrive”.

        With the recently renewed SMS integration, companies can now notify their customers. For example about an appointment reminder or when the technician is on the way. In combination with our smart planning module, customers can make optimal use of this integration.

        Curious what we can do for you?


        ‘’We hebben voor FieldBuddy gekozen vanwege het feit dat ze luisteren naar onze wensen, maar ook vanwege de flexibiliteit die ze bieden. Ik kan bijvoorbeeld het hele FieldBuddy Dispatch Panel (een systeem om werknemers aan klanten toe te wijzen) naar wens zelf inrichten”, vertelt Paul. Om een ander voorbeeld te noemen van deze flexibiliteit, benoemt Paul de gezamenlijke ontwikkelde dynamische kaart: ‘’in plaats van de eerder genoemde fysieke kaart met magneten die op kantoor hing, ontwikkelde FieldBuddy in samenwerking met ons een dynamische digitale kaart’’. FieldBuddy projectleider Camille vertelt hierover: ‘’op basis van de input en feedback van DRU hebben we nieuwe standaard functionaliteiten kunnen ontwikkelen. Deze zijn nu voor al onze klanten beschikbaar. Wij ontwikkelen graag nieuwe features samen met onze klanten, vanuit de wens van de klant’’

        4. RESULTATEN

        DRU is een internationaal opererend dealer, waardoor de implementatie uiteindelijk voor meerdere landen gaat worden uitgevoerd. Daarnaast is er ook een integratie met een door hun zelf ontwikkelde Dealer Portaal gedaan. FieldBuddy consultant Raymond en projectleider Camille zijn het erover eens dat DRU een internationale dealer is met herkenbare en minder herkenbare gang van zaken. Dat vertaalt zich ook naar het implementatietraject. Wat hebben wij precies kunnen betekenen voor DRU?.

        "De planning van DRU is nu een stuk overzichtelijker geworden"

        Paul Busser, customer service manager DRU B.V.

        –  De werkbonnen en service verzoeken kunnen worden aangemaakt voor klanten, maar ook voor dealers. Dit is handig als de dealer bepaalde showmodellen heeft staan die ook gecontroleerd worden.
        • Er is een servicecontract/garantie module ingericht, ook wel DRU Care genoemd. Buiten de service verzoeken krijgen ze op hun website ook garantieverzoeken binnen. Deze slaan we binnen FieldBuddy op als servicecontracten. Vanaf daar kunnen medewerkers de garantieaanvraag behandelen. Als alles gecontroleerd is wordt er automatisch een certificaat/garantiebevestigingsdocument naar de klant gestuurd.
        • DRU beoordeelt de service verzoeken die binnenkomen in hun portaal in FieldBuddy. Als een service verzoek binnenkomt bepalen zij of er (automatisch) een werkbon van moet worden gemaakt of niet. Bijzonder hierbij is dat als ze het service verzoek afwijzen, de dealer automatisch een mail krijgt met de reden van afwijzing.
        • Het rechtenmodel is ingericht voor drie bv’s die in verschillende landen opereren. Per land zien de gebruikers alleen hun eigen gegevens al hebben de Nederlandse gebruikers ook recht om de gegevens van andere landen in te zien.
        • De integratie is slim genoeg om zelf klanten, installaties en locaties aan te maken op basis van parameters die zijn voorgesteld door de klant. Een van de parameters is of een bepaalde locatie al in het systeem bestaat of niet (duplicatencheck) en wat er vervolgens met de gegevens moet gebeuren.
        • Met behulp van FieldBuddy kunnen ze gebruik maken van dashboards en rapporten om de data in te controleren, zo zijn zij in staat om snel op uitzonderingen te acteren.

        We vroegen Paul naar zijn mening over het implementatietraject: ‘’Ten eerste zijn we heel tevreden over hoe het traject is verlopen”, begint Paul. ‘’Camille is een goede projectleider en ook Raymond en (FieldBuddy developer) Volodymyr hebben ons zeer goed geholpen”. Raymond gaf Paul als tip om zelf aan de slag te gaan met Salesforce Thrailhead: een programma die uitleg biedt over de Salesforce omgeving. ‘’Ik merkte dat je alsnog vrij veel verstand moet hebben van Salesforce om die video’s te begrijpen. Dat vond ik iets minder. Oh ja en dat Raymond Feyenoorder is…’’ zegt Paul lachend.
        Ook Raymond is tevreden over het implementatietraject: ‘’Ik vond de samenwerking heel prettig. Het was vanaf het begin duidelijk waar ze heen wilden met FieldBuddy. Het project was samen met DRU goed voorbereid, waardoor we meteen aan de slag konden gaan”.