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        Advanced checklists

        Transform your checklists with FieldBuddy’s advanced checklists and enjoy full digital, and user friendly checklists. 

        Checklists for backoffice and technicians

        Reduce the margin of error, never again paper checklists with misspellings, Excel checklists, or lists that get lost. Generate reports based on completed checklists. Reports can be easily generated in the back office and sent to the customer, for example. Completed checklists can also be automatically saved at asset level and automatic triggers can generate follow-up work orders (or other processes).

        User-friendliness accelerates work pace

        The user-friendly checklists are easy to fill out via the app, enabling technicians to work faster compared to paper checklists. Additionally, the lists are automatically saved. The checklists can be fully customized to specific requirements. There are various response options such as text fields, numbers, and multiple-choice lists. From the back office, the lists can be created, configured, and edited. Comments and photos can be attached to each checklist.

        See what FieldBuddy has to offer

        Checklists are fully customizable to your needs. Whether it's inspection lists, step-by-step checklists, or installation checklists, all lists can be completely personalised to your preferences.
        When a technician fills in a certain answer that allows some questions to be skipped, you can use the filter function. This automatically removes unnecessary questions.
        Allow technicians to add photos. This can be done for specific questions or checklists. One or more photos can be added. This is useful for example in installation and inspection checklists

        All Advanced checklist features

        Efficient checklists that save time for both outdoor and indoor services. No more manually converting paper checklists into Excel. Let your technicians work easily and efficiently via a tablet. An app that allows them to do everything, including filling out advanced checklists.


        Validation rules

        With validation rules, you can immediately let the technician know to do something else or provide extra information.

        Adding comments and photos

        Give technicians the ability to add comments and photos. Making it mandatory is also possible.


        Automatically skip questions or add questions based on previously given answers.

        Answer Options

        Provide the answer options that work for you. This can include a ‘check’ to tick off lists, as well as multiple-choice, text, and numeric fields.

        Progress Percentage

        Monitor the progress of the checklist. This allows the technician to see any outstanding tasks.

        Link to Dossier

        Link checklists to work orders, files, or individuals.


        Because the checklists are highly user-friendly, they help the technician to achieve additional time savings.


        Generate instant analyses and reports of completed checklists. It’s also possible to forward these to the customer as PDFs or via the customer portal.

        Jan Wieringa
        Manager Metering van Fudura

        We could never have grown so fast as with FieldBuddy

        Director 365zon

        See other field service management features

        Real time insights and user-friendly planning software.

        Create work orders in minutes and use drag-and-drop to easily schedule.

        Back office

        Asset management

        Manage all assets information in one place


        Managing incoming issues and tickets


        Convert work orders automatically into invoices

        Inventory management

        Organize parts, returns and inventory with ease


        Service Planning

        Streamline all your planning process

        Work order management

        Create work order in just a few clicks


        Mobile app

        The user-friendly app for your field service employees



        Automate your processes with flow builders


        Integrate with all your favorite back office systems

        Customer portal

        Let your customers schedule appointments online


        Get insights into your service process

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