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        Smart Planning

        Optimize your field service scheduling based on the shortest route, skills, or availability, and create a fully automated schedule.


        Route optimization

        Optimize the schedule of an individual field service employee or a group for one or multiple days. Work orders are scheduled to provide the most efficient route for your employee. Visits in the same area are clustered, taking into account travel time and final destination.

        The optimization can be initiated manually or automatically by the back office.

        Schedule optimization

        In addition to optimizing the route, smart planning also allows you to optimize your schedule. Smart planning takes into account personal requirements such as employee skills, availability, fixed appointments, technician preferences, and time frames for when certain appointments need to take place.

        Smart planning can take into account many more factors, resulting in an efficient schedule and saving time and costs.

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        Optimize scheduling by selecting a single technician or a group of technicians. Then, choose the period during which you want to use smart planning. Appointments are then organized to be scheduled most efficiently. Often, there is leftover time in the technician's schedule, allo wing for additional appointments to be scheduled and capacity to be optimized. Alternatively, it provides room for other tasks for the technician, such as administrative work. Or use Smart Planning to schedule your unplanned work orders. Select all your unplanned work orders and let Smart Planning automatically and efficiently schedule them into the current planning. Smart planning can be initiated manually as described above or automatically triggered by established rules, such as at the end of each day or when the schedule is full.
        Smart planning is all about organizing everything just the way you want it. This applies to Smart Planning itself, where Smart Planning can be fully customized to meet your requirements. Vacation schedules, doctor visits, skills, and much more can all be arranged. With a simple 'lock' functionality, appointments can also be blocked so that they are not included in Smart Planning.
        After Smart Planning has run, you can manually or automatically send the customer a message with the appointment confirmation. For example, if Smart Planning has run within a day, you can let the customer know exactly when the technician will arrive. The time slot is optimized and therefore accurate. The technician arrives at the appointment on the scheduled time, which increases customer satisfaction. Confirmation can be done via SMS, email, or WhatsApp based on your preference or that of the customer. Smart Planning can also be used in combination with FieldBuddy's invitation and planning module, where the customer can choose from the options selected by Smart Planning.

        All Smart Planning features at a glance.

        An efficient scheduling system that saves time for field service. Confirmation of a scheduled appointment is automatically or manually sent to the customer (via SMS, email, or in the customer portal). Not only does this make the planner’s job much easier, but it also ensures that you get more out of service technicians and make fewer mistakes.

        Route optimization

        Let AI calculate the smartest route. Takes into account traffic, fuel, parking times, distances, and much more.

        Schedule optimization

        Efficiently schedule your technicians. Minimize downtime, early shift terminations, automatically schedule around vacations or doctor appointments.


        Smart Planning can be fully automated and takes into account all of your personal preferences.


        Do some technicians only work within a specific region? No problem, Smart Planning takes all your preferences into account.

        Lock Function

        With the simple lock function, you can easily exclude appointments from Smart Planning.

        Integration with Appointment Module

        Smart Planning can be integrated with the appointment module. With the appointment module, you can quickly see which technicians are available and nearby.

        Automatically plan work orders

        Automatically schedule your work orders in the most efficient way with Smart Planning. Manually select all the work orders you want to schedule, or automate this process (for example, daily). Smart Planning will then schedule your work orders.

        Integration with Invitation Module

        Send a customer an SMS or email containing appointment options optimized for efficiency with Smart Planning, from which the customer can choose.

        Director of 365zon​

        We could never have grown this much without FieldBuddy.

        Director of 365zon

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        Real time insights and user-friendly planning software.

        Create work orders in minutes and use drag-and-drop to easily schedule.

        Back office

        Asset management

        Manage all assets information in one place


        Managing incoming issues and tickets


        Convert work orders automatically into invoices

        Inventory management

        Organize parts, returns and inventory with ease


        Service Planning

        Streamline all your planning process

        Work order management

        Create work order in just a few clicks

        Smart Planning

        Efficient planning with FieldBuddy's AI


        Mobile app

        The user-friendly app for your field service employees



        Automate your processes with flow builders


        Integrate with all your favorite back office systems

        Customer portal

        Let your customers schedule appointments online


        Get insights into your service process

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