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        Field service software must fit like a glove

        ield service moet passen als een handschoen

        At FieldBuddy, we regularly hear from service organizations that the field service software they use does not meet specific company needs. We find this odd because, let’s face it: software should be able to be adapted to the wishes and requirements of a company, and a company should not have to adapt to the limitations and possibilities of software.

        This occurs frequently because most producers of field service software make various assumptions about how service organizations ‘typically’ operate. At FieldBuddy, we know: a ‘typical’ service organization does not exist, and no two service organizations are identical. The content of inspection reports, measurements, and checklists, for example, always differs. Also, it matters a lot which bookkeeping system or ERP is used. As a result, many service organizations are forced to work through a process that is not ‘theirs’. That this mandatory process is often unnecessarily complex, visually unappealing, and offers insufficient reporting capabilities, makes it even worse.

        At FieldBuddy, we therefore think ‘outside-in’, with the customer’s wishes as the starting point. We have developed software that adapts to the way an organization works, rather than the other way around. We want customers that enjoy 80% of our features that are out of the box and configure the remaining 20% so that it fits perfectly to your organization. Because our motto is: field service software must fit like a glove. This means that our software can be made suitable for any way of working.

        Moreover, we find it completely logical that our field service software can be seamlessly integrated with any standard integrated back-office system, whether it’s Exact Online, Exact Globe, or Visma. In our view, field service software that cannot communicate with the rest of the organization is nothing more than a digital work order app.

        And because we know how important a good overview of the service management process is to our customers, we have made creating various reports a breeze. Thanks to the Salesforce software under the FieldBuddy hood, employees can create very handy and clear dashboards based on the available data.

        Finally: because the eye also wants something (after all, you do work with it every working day), we make our software extremely user-friendly. For example, the digital planning board is designed so that planning work orders is very easy and quick.

        So, if you ever encounter a software ‘impossibility’ in your current field service process: consider what it would be like if your field service software fit like a glove and actually supported both the internal and field service optimally. Or contact us directly at +31(0)20-2611100.

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