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        5 ways in which a field service management tool provides insight

        fieldbuddy monitoring en analyse

        Monitoring and analysis: for many service companies two important reasons for purchasing a field service management tool. It provides insight into your activities, giving you an overview and a grip on your field service. But how exactly? Fieldbuddy lists 5 ways in which a field service management tool provides insight.

        1. Reports and dashboards. Based on the data collected in your field service management tool, you can create various
          reports and dashboards. These give you insight and can help you steer the service processes. Steering is important
          because it ensures that time and money are not wasted and that work is done in the most efficient way. You can
          choose which data you want to use to compile a report, for example by using a drag-and-drop function. Another advantage: with a dashboard, you can make KPIs visually clear.

        2. Export to Excel. It is possible to export reports to Excel, after which you can analyse them further. It is also handy to share the documents with your client, colleague or manager via Excel.

        3. Send report automatically with notification. You will never miss a report in your mailbox again, because you can set it to send you a notification. Every month? Or rather every week? Determine the frequency and schedule the sending of the report yourself. Moreover, you can set certain criteria: when certain values from a report meet your criteria, you will receive a notification. Handy!

        4. Report in the app. View the reports and dashboards via the app on your smartphone or tablet. As a manager or employee, you now have the necessary information at hand anywhere and on any device.

        5. Copy datasets. With a field service management tool you can make a copy of a dataset (snapshot) at a certain moment. This makes it easier to discover developments and trends and to report on past data.

        Are you curious what this can mean for your company?

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