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        Work smarter, faster and more professionally with Related Work Orders

        Related work orders provide insight into both past and future work orders. That way, smarter and more appropriate decisions can be made.

        Imagine: you visit a customer who has a problem with his solar panel for the third time. How can you see exactly what your colleagues did during a previous visit, for example, to prevent another visit from being necessary? FieldBuddy has developed a powerful feature for this in the mobile app: the Related Work Order.

        Related Work orders are work orders that are, as the name suggests, related to the work that you are doing. It provides insight into both past and future Work orders. Work orders that took place in the past provide insight into the work that was performed previously. This way, mechanic can directly view historical data: which parts have been replaced, which decisions have been made, whether and which checklists have been carried out and which photos have been taken. Work orders in the future provide insight into which work orders are coming up, planned or unplanned.

        • First, it ensures that the technician can make the right decision based on past information. In the field, you want to have full insight into the historical data of the Installation or the Location you are currently visiting. With the Related Work Order, the field service has direct access to all this information via the mobile app. This way, smarter and more appropriate decisions can be made.

        • The second advantage is that related work orders provide insight. Does the mechanic see that a work order is scheduled for the same location next week? Then he can solve both orders at once, instead of going back and forth twice. This saves time, fuel and staff costs. In this way, the field service is deployed even more intelligently.

        • A third advantage is that you are aware of all visits from your colleagues. Even if they visited you the day before. A professional service technician is aware of all previous and upcoming activities at the customer. This gives the technician a complete picture of the problem and makes him better able to help the customer. The result? A professional image and increased customer satisfaction.

        Of course, fields of a Related Work Order can be configured freely and as desired. We are not the most flexible field service platform for nothing!

        Get in contact with us! We are happy to explain you more about the Related Workorders, or other features that FieldBuddy has to offer. You can reach out to us via e-mail ([email protected]) or fill in the contact form on the website.

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