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        The transformation of Xafax: from hardware to software company

        • Asset management
        • Service Contracts
        • Ticketing
        • IT & Telecom
        • Exact Online
        Read the full story below​


        Since 1983, Xafax (40 employees) has played a prominent role in the Dutch market for registration and payment systems. Xafax Group has since grown into an authentic family business, based in Alkmaar. With 40 years of experience, we assist organizations with payment solutions and ICT issues. We do this from 3 divisions: Xafax Netherlands and Belgium, Xafax ICT, and Xafax Visuals.

        Previous Challenge

        Xafax provides the repair and management of payment terminals and software platforms for payments and loyalty increasingly remotely. The hosting environment is continuously monitored. “In the event of a disruption, an alarm literally goes off and we take immediate action,” says Sander Toepoel, service manager at Xafax. “All systems can be accessed remotely, which means that technical support can be provided quickly. This means that the customer experiences minimal inconvenience.”

        However, technical field service is not a thing of the past. The payment systems still have to be installed at the space and sometimes physical maintenance is also required.


        Looking for a field service solution to digitize
        After an intensive search for a service management system, Sander came across FieldBuddy. This is online field service software for planning, contract, asset, service management and reporting. The software has a ‘proven well-functioning’ link with Exact Online for Trade, the package that Xafax had previously used for inventory management and financial administration.

        Thanks to FieldBuddy we can keep customers accurately informed via automated emails.

        Sander Toepoel
        Service manager at Xafax

        The implementation

        After a year of working with the combination ‘FieldBuddy and Exact Online for Trade’, the first benefits are visible. “The information provided to our 1,700 customers has improved enormously. Thanks to FieldBuddy, we now keep them accurately informed via automated emails about the status of their devices, contracts, maintenance and when the technician will visit. Technicians easily register their work, material consumption and travel times via a tablet.


        As a result, errors due to manual or incomplete registration have disappeared. Consumed materials are automatically registered in Exact Online for Trade. Much less stock is required due to the order advice that the system generates. We receive a message when a product needs to be reordered. That’s really great.”

        With FieldBuddy and Exact Online for Trade, we now have a system that well supports our changing organization.

        Sander Toepoel
        Service manager at Xafax

        The benefits of FieldBuddy

        Sander believes that one of the biggest advantages of Exact Online in combination with Fieldbuddy is that it is now possible to manage directly based on figures. That was not possible with the previous system. “This allows us to improve efficiency. For example, monitoring the work of technicians and having up-to-date insight into the stock. Based on this, Xafax has sufficient insight to make adjustments. We expect to save a lot of costs as a result. This efficiency drive is planned for 2018.”

        Internet of things

        Hans Nieuwenhuis, director of FieldBuddy, notices that several customers, such as Xafax, are increasingly managing their products and services centrally. “We are developing Internet of Things functionality for automated information exchange between devices and the software. Although the work order remains central to FieldBuddy, the distinction between internal and external service will soon disappear.”

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