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        FieldBuddy provides Fudura with control and increased productivity

        • Asset management
        • Salesforce Sales Cloud
        • Energy
        • Custom
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        Fudura stands for the rental of good energy infrastructure such as; transformers, measuring installations, switchgear and charging stations for electric transport. In addition, she measures and makes energy flows transparent and controllable. As a market leader, it helps more than 25,00 business customers in the Netherlands with reliable and effective energy management. Read more about Fudura at

        Previous Challenge

        Fudura wants to move flexibly with the business and respond quickly to the wishes of its customers. To achieve this, she believes that both the measuring technicians and the office staff must have the correct data available at all times and everywhere. That is why she started looking for a future-oriented service management solution in the cloud.

        Fudura uses Salesforce. Hence the demand for a software package that integrates seamlessly with this, so that the entire service process can be accommodated in one system.


        Faced with the previous challenge, Fudura turned to FieldBuddy, a cloud-based service management solution built on Salesforce. In just a few weeks, we had the new environment up and running, marking the beginning of our transformative journey.

        “We used to do everything on paper and then had to fill everything in on the computer at home. Now everything is automatically processed and forwarded to SAP,” says measurement technician Kees Kranenburg from Fudura. “For us it is simply an ideal piece of software.”

        FieldBuddy gives us a sense of control.

        Jan Wieringa
        Manager Business Support

        The implementation

        The introduction of FieldBuddy initially presented a learning curve for our measurement technicians. However, they quickly discovered its user-friendly interface and were excited by the new opportunities it unlocked. For example, it contains a control sheet with an integrated calculation module that approves or rejects the entered values ​​of the measurement. If a value has not been entered correctly, the measuring technician will receive a message. This prevents any calculation errors. The measurement technicians can also easily keep track of their hours by clicking on the start and stop button. After this, the time is automatically set to the correct time writing code. And that saves work.

        The reports give him insight into how much time is actually spent on the assignments and whether this corresponds to the estimated standard times. He uses this information to direct improvements and draw up new budgets.

        Wieringa: “The real-time management information ensures that you can budget much more accurately and that you can roll out the plans better. And that gives a feeling of control.”


        A lot has changed in Fudura’s team compositions and work content in recent years. We cannot therefore make a numerical comparison with the efficiency before FieldBuddy. However, there are clear signals from which we can conclude that Fudura has started working more efficiently.

        For example, Wieringa tells us that the same work is now done with a lot fewer people and Kranenburg tells us that he can now tackle more jobs in a day than before. “We always assume that we can do three jobs in a day, but I often manage four. So there is certainly an increase,” says Kranenburg.

        We used to do everything on paper and then had to fill everything in manually on the computer at home. Now everything is processed automatically

        Kees Kranenburg
        measurement technician at Fudura

        Fudura's future plans

        Now that everything has been working as desired for some time, it is time for the next step: making full use of all the functionalities that FieldBuddy has to offer. The measurement technicians want to add historical work orders and photos to the work orders to avoid unnecessary research. Kranenburg: “If we come somewhere for a malfunction, it is useful to know who was there last time, what the problem was and what was done.”


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