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        Fast-growing 365zon continues to digitize and develop with FieldBuddy

        • Checklist
        • Salesforce Sales Cloud
        • Smart Planning
        • Energy
        • Installation
        • Solar
        • AFAS
        Read the full story below​


        365zon specializes in making homes and buildings more sustainable with solar panels. They have been doing this for almost 9 years and have grown tremendously in the meantime! They started the digitization with FieldBuddy but began working with other Salesforce solutions as well.

        In this success story, you’ll read how they started digitizing, how they experienced the implementation, and how the solutions helped them grow.

        Previous Challenge

        At first, the reason for looking for a field service solution was the fact that 365zon won a major tender. The volumes were going to increase considerably. ”At that moment, we realized that we would not be able to cope without digitalization,” explains the director of 365zon.

        The main requirement was a central system: they wanted to be able to control all their systems from one cockpit. The solution had to be able to be linked to AFAS, 365zon’s ERP system. They did not want another separate system. The best-fit solution really had to be able to do that for them.


        365zon started orienting for a field service solution after they got the big deal. What was difficult during this orientation was that other parties had difficulty making the business concrete for 365zon. They had a lot of features, but it was hard to imagine what the solution would look like for them and how it would help them.

        The fact that FieldBuddy was developed on the Salesforce platform was a big plus for 365zon. Many other providers did not have that advantage; they used a solution on their own servers without the use of a platform. The disadvantage of that is that a lot of programming is still required and it is often difficult to integrate it to other systems. See here which systems FieldBuddy can be integrated to.
        “We also wanted to do something with Salesforce anyway, so choosing FieldBuddy was a logical step. I’m still very excited about it!

        We could never have grown this much without FieldBuddy and Salesforce.

        Director of 365Zon

        The implementation

        365zon started with FieldBuddy. Pretty soon after, the implementation for Salesforce Sales Cloud began. After the successful implementation of FieldBuddy and Salesforce Sales Cloud, Pardot, Formstack, Salesforce Service Cloud and Digital Engagement were also implemented.

        In the beginning, FieldBuddy was mainly used for two different processes: First for scoping, home visits to potential customers. For that, they could use the mobile app named FieldBuddy Swift. Second, it was used for the installation process: to install products, to make appointments and to deliver installations.

        The director says about the implementation: ”I was very pleased that everything happened exactly on schedule. The project was well defined, it stayed within budget and it was finished on time.” FieldBuddy consultant Sjaak Hoogstraten also experiences the collaboration as very pleasant: “There was always good consultation about new solutions and ideas were received and considered enthusiastically”.

        When the implementation of FieldBuddy was completed, its added value became immediately visible to 365zon. The planning was placed in a central location and could immediately be viewed with ease. The work orders could immediately be signed off digitally and the live status was visible to everyone. None of this was possible before the digitalization. Curious about the other benefits of field service automation with FieldBuddy? You can read about it in our blog.


        The situation before FieldBuddy cannot be compared to how things are now at 365zon. Both FieldBuddy and the Salesforce solutions bring benefits to 365zon:


        365zon has grown strongly in recent years and the business is completely different from six years ago.

        In a short period of time, they scaled up significantly and continue to evolve today. 365zon was able to easily customize FieldBuddy themselves. In this way, they ensured that the solution grew with them, in an environment where a lot was changing.

        Latest technology

        A lot is possible on the platform, because the latest technology is present. That’s nice for them, considering they don’t have a mega IT department.

        You can easily tap into the latest technology on the Salesforce platform: in terms of artificial intelligence, smart scheduling tools, capacity planning and productivity tools.


        All the systems that 365zon uses can now be viewed and used from a central platform. That provides overview and ensures that they can work more efficiently.

        Thanks to FieldBuddy’s clear and central system, they can see the planning and outstanding tasks, among other things, at a glance.


        They can now work much faster than in the old situation. Because 365zon has grown a lot, it was essential to be able to work faster. The digitalization has ensured that the increasing demand can be better processed.

        After the implementation, FieldBuddy immediately showed its added value and contributed to our customer satisfaction.

        Director of 365Zon

        A look to the future

        Currently, 365zon is repositioning their brand. They will soon be bringing out a new website, logo and brand story. They will also be working on selling additional products besides solar panels. The director says: ”We got our core value to the surface, which is fun but also very important. It is important both externally and internally. So much has changed in recent years: we have grown enormously and gained many new faces. It never hurts to go back to the core of 365zon. It helps to set priorities: that way, we can move forward again”.

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        Like 365zon, would you like to be able to control all your business critical systems from 1 cockpit?

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